Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Budget to Market??

Creating awareness of your services/products is a must, however, it can be an expensive and daunting exercise.  Get your grown children who are IT savvy to do the work for you! Great way to contribute to the business and earn their keep!

Following are some tips that will not break the bank, in fact some are totally free.
 1. Research has shown that anywhere around 50% of people learn about products/services by WORD OF MOUTH! Let your guests/clients do the promotion for you whilst you focus on providing a top service.  Note that this can also turn against you if you do not deliver on your promise.

2. If you are connected to the internet, then Social Media is a cheap way to promote your business. It requires a bit of time to provide some daily updates and fresh content. This is in the form of Facebook or Twitter.

3. Press Releases – share your exciting and special stories with the media and online newsletters. Eg., STA newsletter, Pacific Periscope

4. Free Websites – there are several free website templates online, so sign up to one like wordpress or google blogs and start writing about your business

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