Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Passing of a Friend

Today i attended the funeral service of Mr. Robert Malcolm Barlow otherwise more popularly known as "Bob". It was enlightening to hear some very honest comments been made about Bob during the eulogies by His Highness The Head of State of Samoa, Herman Kruse of Kruse Vaai and Barlow who is now in a bit of a dilemma with one more partner gone for good, Vanessa Barlow-Schuster and Beverly Barlow, the bereaved wife. All referred to Bob being a private man with a sharp tongue and wit to match. This is the Bob we know fondly and at times in the past, when one was on the receiving end of his asides, had to work hard on an equally sharp retort. Bob was pationate about Rugby and Netball and his grandchildren, tho not necessarily in that order.

Herman shared with everyone the fact that people use to make jokes about their lawfirm's name being Kruse Vaai and Beverly. Such was Bev's support and influence on Bob and his work as a lawyer.

Bob will be sadly missed by not only Bev and the family but by a lot of us who have crossed paths, shared many a beers and sadly far too many damn cigarettes in the past. Rest in peace Bob.