Thursday, December 29, 2011

Samoa Moves West of the Dateline!!!

After switching sides of the road to drive on in 2008, Samoa is making waves again in the global media as we countdown to losing a day come midnite, tonite, 29th December. It has been approved that Samoa will switch from the eastern side of the dateline to the western side thereby effectively making Samoa the first country to see the sunrise each day. We kinda liked being the last country to see each day, and don't see the need to rush into another one!!! O yeah, we are taking our brothers and sisters on Tokelau Is., with us on this journey given that their main administrative headquarter is located in the city of Apia.

Trade-wise, it makes a lot of sense given our biggest trading partners are Australia and New Zealand, well if and when they sporadically allow exports citing phytosanitary restrictions etc., Let's not forget Asia as well and more specifically big brother China. China exports are flooding the local markets with their cheap goods. Samoa's accession to WTO means more imports which will greatly increase the trade deficit whilst we continue to be studied, surveyed and reviewed to kingdom come, as to how to increase agriculture production for the export market. The manufacturing sector will continue to have its woes where others get on with building their businesses and others continue to talk grandiose ideas of what can be done and how to do it, if only someone will give us the money to make it happen!!!!

Another plus to the change is the removal of confusion in the tourism industry!!! As one who has been in this industry, i can't recall the number of times, people messed up their bookings because they didn't realise they were arriving yesterday after they left Aussie or NZ today!!! How the heck does that happen??

Our country is so generous that all the employees will also be paid for a day that doesnt exist and they did not work!!! Whilst all employees don't have any qualm with this arrangement, the poor private sector is again hit with another non productive cost that they did not budget for.

There has been a lot of expressions of disappointment and others have reached new heights of "pissedoffedness" that they will miss out their birthdays and anniversaries.

It is but a day, but it still means something to everyone! So happy Birthday/anniversary to those that will miss theirs for 2011 and let us hope that 2012 will be a bit kinder to our country and our people!!

And a thought to end the year, let's shift side of the equator!! Some may ask, why the hell would we want to do that for?? Well it really is simple..."because we can do it!!!"

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

49 years of Independence - Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

49 years of Independence - Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the first Pacific Island State to take control of its own destiny. Samoa, home of the most pure Polynesian People!

Today's news of my son, Damien, who currently resides in Ireland, will be coming home in Sept has prompted me to get back on my blog site which i havent had time to keep up to date. One can say that my son's writing in his own blogsite has given me a boot up the proverbial rear to post a little something.... I have been thinking a lot about writing but time hasnt been on my side. The good thing is I have been busy living life and bringing about small but none the less still significant changes in my life and those around me!!! This i will share in the near future, well within this century!!!... but back to work on a public holiday.! Who does that anyway??

Ah huh, i now have the right blog ooops