Wednesday, June 1, 2011

49 years of Independence - Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

49 years of Independence - Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the first Pacific Island State to take control of its own destiny. Samoa, home of the most pure Polynesian People!

Today's news of my son, Damien, who currently resides in Ireland, will be coming home in Sept has prompted me to get back on my blog site which i havent had time to keep up to date. One can say that my son's writing in his own blogsite has given me a boot up the proverbial rear to post a little something.... I have been thinking a lot about writing but time hasnt been on my side. The good thing is I have been busy living life and bringing about small but none the less still significant changes in my life and those around me!!! This i will share in the near future, well within this century!!!... but back to work on a public holiday.! Who does that anyway??

Ah huh, i now have the right blog ooops

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